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Plushgun is a project birthed in the cramped confines of Dan Ingala’s overpriced and undersized “bedroom” in New York City. While writing a song on his acoustic guitar, Dan had an idea: “what if I added some synths to this?” And synths he added, and this song is known today as “Just Impolite.” Dan incorporated the name Plushgun to this project, as in something soft, something killer.

“Just Impolite” hit Myspace in February of ‘07, and in just months, through word of mouth, the project spread from one fan to another, until it was heard by RagTag productions, producers of the popular “We Need Girlfriends” web-tv series who approached Dan about using his music in their show. Plushgun was then introduced to a new audience, and Plushgun’s popularity grew exponentially.

When people started to demand live shows, Dan was scared. It was just him and a computer, and computers tend to be terrible showmen. So he asked for help from past acquaintance, guitarist, and showman extraordinaire Taylor Armstrong to bring this project to the live stage. Plushgun then absorbed the talents of Pearson ... (+) expand
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mikemumbled (level 6) wrote:
awesome song
7 months ago
AnujSuper9 (level 25) wrote:
I love Just Impolite, and I look forward to hearing more of your music on here!! :)
7 years ago
parker wrote:
Great Song!!!
7 years ago
Thadius (level 22) wrote:
What a fantastic song. I really look forward to other songs by you.
7 years ago
rahultoast (level 22) wrote:
Need some updates here! :)
7 years ago
rebecca0728 (level 1) wrote:
Love the song....Def keep up with the updates!!!!
7 years ago
captainlloyd7 (level 4) wrote:
Keep it comin!
7 years ago
ghostinsurer (level 8) wrote:
Plz, Another one!!!
7 years ago
bbliss17 (level 21) wrote:
I like this song a lot!
7 years ago
jandribiris (level 10) wrote:
soy español y me encanta vuestra canción
poned mas porfavor
ademas hoy es mi cumpleaños
7 years ago
Redheaded (level 10) wrote:
Hey! I am Shayna's roommate, and I saw you perform at "Off the Record" in NYC. We didn't get to meet, but she played this song for me before. It's so cool to see you on here, Dan!
7 years ago
ryanmcnabb (level 17) wrote:
love it
7 years ago
sychronix (level 26) wrote:
ooooo, give me more or give me death :-D
7 years ago
mhartger (level 10) wrote:
give me "dancing in a minefield!!!!"
7 years ago
Pokoro (level 11) wrote:
YES!!!!! ur finally herrrre
7 years ago
Shadedgray711 (level 22) wrote:
Holy sweetness times ten!
7 years ago
Stromer19 (level 31) wrote:
Love it ! I play your stuff on Blip.FM . Big fan. Cheers
7 years ago
CmdrWOLF (level 9) wrote:
I love your song still lol
7 years ago
pattae (level 30) wrote:
This is a great song, and I really hope you post more soon!
7 years ago
carlsonee (level 12) wrote:
Really like your track wish there were more!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work!
7 years ago