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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Chris Bathgate

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One of the leaders of the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti folk scene, Chris writes seminal folk songs that are at once new and old, rock and sometimes not roll, but all seem to reel you in with the intensity of voice, lyricism, and depth.

For those in and around the Ann Arbor vicinity it’s difficult to speak about Chris without spiraling towards hyperbole. Now, as the remainder of the globe gets ready for their first glimpse at the talent who has risen to the top among the ever fruitful Michigan music scene, perhaps it’s better that we stick with the facts surrounding Chris Bathgate.

Having drawn comparisons to Jeff Tweedy, Will Oldham, etc., Chris has risen from the ranks of everyday singer/songwriter to a national touring favorite, spending the early part of 2007 on the road with Saturday Looks Good to Me and making his first trip to the SXSW Music Festival. After releasing and selling out of two separate records on his own in 2006, he was recently named the Best Solo Artist in Michigan by Real Detroit Weekly and was approached by YerBird records to provide a track on their upcoming compilation featuring additions from the likes of Hayden, O’... (+) expand
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pianolove (level 32) wrote:
Need some more tunes!
1 year ago
EvanCrown (level 9) wrote:
this stuff is amazing man, Federica got me into you during a trip to the OLI office i think.

check out t61/theremarkablerocket if you get a chance, just some of my solo home recordings.

much love, j xo
7 years ago
lauriet (level 14) wrote:
Really love what I've heard so far. Please post more!
7 years ago
Absofacto wrote:
Spectacular as always, Chris!
7 years ago
VinnieM (level 11) wrote:
Chris Bathgate is so under-discovered! So much talent.
7 years ago
Mythezza (level 11) wrote:
What needs to happen is that you need to come to Champaign-Urbana, home of University of Illinois, and you need to do a show at a classy little local joint a few minutes from my apartment, called The Iron Post. This would be one of the better experiences of my life.
7 years ago
batman0730 (level 14) wrote:
dude, I think Serpentine is my favorite song on this whole website right now. seriously.
7 years ago
batman0730 (level 14) wrote:
I need to find more of your stuff, so good.
7 years ago
renata (level 22) wrote:
hey chris, great tunes! :)
7 years ago
Muskmallow wrote:
Sir, I am brand new to this site, and I can already tell you that you are among the most talented artists here.
If I ever actually get around to uploading a song, I can only hope it will be a ninth as good as anything you've done.
7 years ago
michelleyeah (level 31) wrote:
I never ever EVER get tired of these songs and if I could give them all my hearts for the rest of my life on this site, I would. So incredible!! <3 <3
Please post more!
7 years ago
eliizabeth (level 22) wrote:
I KNOW you're online today. MORE TUNES, PLEASE!!
7 years ago
TheHexx (level 13) wrote:
awesome stuff man, I'm really loving it.
7 years ago
BeautifulMadness (level 24) wrote:
this is wonderful, i hope to her much more of you (:
7 years ago
eliizabeth (level 22) wrote:
More, please.
7 years ago
pandaparty (level 4) wrote:
I love the song 'Serpentine' and your last name.
7 years ago
slccarpathea (level 14) wrote:
Great "Serpentine"
7 years ago
folkfruit (level 31) wrote:
Yes he is the best here on t61and you may like Wise Children too (they are very similar).

Chris, more please :)
7 years ago
michelleyeah (level 31) wrote:
Reminds me of Swell Season & Iron and Wine. Haunting vocals and gorgeous all around <3
7 years ago
michelleyeah (level 31) wrote:
Love love love!! Best artist I've discovered on this site so far :) NEED MORE PLEASE!
7 years ago