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Caro, MI

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Growing up under the rural thumb of Michigan, I was raised on the old psychedelic rock records my dad insisted on playing. As a teen, I grew tired of the local's undying love of the classic rock scene.

I began to listen to ambient/space radio programs late at night under the stars. I was hooked on the weightless, wondrous feelings of ethereal music. Flash forward to the university years. I was introduced to the marriage of ethereal space music and rock/pop. That was it for me. I began to record/produce tracks that reflected the dreamy feeling that resonated in me when I listened to ambient music. I then graduated from Eastern Michigan University's music program, my major instrument was classical guitar.

12 years later, I am now living in Korea. I am still completely in love with making music. The Korean music industry is just as unforgiving as the States. As a challenge to myself, I have been creating radio friendly music while maintaining my dream-like style. military bases throughout Korea. I also collaborate with original Silvercord members and ambient composers on musical projects

I am the owner and operator of Black Swan Audio, a top-class music mixing and mastering service.
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Published works: My work has appeared on ambient compiliation such as fellow ambient musician Brennan Lane’s “Distant Friends"

The Detroit Electronica Collective's award winning "Delectronict" Vol. 2 and Vol. 3,,3155039,00.html

FADED's 2nd album "Silver" Rock band ,bassist and co- writer/producer Silvercord (geoff nostrant)/Altus Colab ambient/dream pop album "Lullaby"

I also write, produce, and sing songs in the Korean language I keep my plate of musical passion full as possible!
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