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Peoria, IL

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Ed Lamoureux (Professor Beliveau) performs as "the Professor" in Second Life®. Ed lives in Peoria, IL, where he teaches in the Interactive Media Program and Department of Communication at Bradley University. You can learn more about Ed than anyone could possibly need to know at his homepage .

Blacktail Ridge Retreat in Second Life
Listen on the web when playing at Blacktail Ridge Retreat.

At most shows, the Professor plays a mix of covers and originals. Versions of those original tunes appear here on the 61. Covers in SL only.

Additional material below:

Jazz vocals on the radio with the Ed Kaizer Trio , Jazz from the Hilltop, WCBU-FM, March 8, 2009 .

Vocalizing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame®
He's Virtually Famous, Peoria Journal Star, 10/25/07

Field Research in Virtual Environments Interbusiness Issue, May 2009.
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