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Grass Valley, CA

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Adam and Darcie have a distinct musical chemistry that involves the use of layered harmonies to produce warm, gentle pop. With lush vocal arrangements.. the songwriting is mature unlike most sappy love songs that contain tired, cheesy lines.” –NPR

“The biggest draw, and what sets Adam and Darcie apart from other groups with a similar sound, is the vocals. The couple’s voices complement each other so naturally that they sound like a single, beautiful instrument.” -Nate Housley (

"...full of intelligent lo-fi folky tunes, controlled production, clever lyrics and charming harmonies." -Slug Magazine

"...sweetness personified- delectable harmonies that are perfect for any sugar-eared person." – Tenacious T

"...lovely, orchestral pop by a husband/wife duo." -Jake Brown (Glorious Noise)
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