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Manila/Cebu - Philippines

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A continuum of one harmonic journey by three unyielding individuals who are stubbornly exploring a plethora of musical styles.

BLACKOUT AURORA started out as a three piece pop-alternative contemporary trio brewing a myriad of influences. It's all about taking a break from all the routine, just as brothers Allen & Ian, together with good friend Gboy, takes a break from their alternate working lives, and a break from their previous musical lives.

As musicians, they've all grown on different musical paths. Equally multi-instrument musicians the three have each developed their musical cores. Keyboards for Allen, drums for Gboy and guitar for Ian. After countless musical whirlwinds in search for something different, they figured the only way to move forward is grow out from one’s comfort zone. To do that, they each took on the challenge of carrying a different instrument but bringing with them the stems of their musical influences. Hence Allen’s textured and droned guitars, Gboy’s syncopated grooves on bass, and Ian’s steady rock ‘n roll beats.

To date, BLACKOUT AURORA comes out with music from a new mold finishing their recent singles independently. Whipped up with pop and rock sensibilities to top their flavor of an edgy pop & rock based music. Let BLACKOUT AURORA uncover your restraints as they woo you inside out.
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