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Spokane, WA

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Sadly, Steve (Supergrover) Albright lost his battle with cancer on June 29th, 2012. Rest in peace, Steve. We are going to miss you tremendously.

Several musicians from thesixtyone came together to pay tribute to a special guy, and a special band. The musical output was released here under the band name "For Supergrover".

Here is the story thus far:

Supergrover was a very active listener on thesixtyone, and he was a very funny guy. In May of 2008, he was diagnosed with cancer. Even after the diagnosis, he maintained a great sense of humor. Many listeners (and some artists) on thesixtyone showed their support for Supergrover by leaving messages on his wall and incorporating Grover (the muppet) into their avatar images.

Supergrover described 'For Squirrels' as his "favorite band that no one has heard of." They might have developed a much larger audience if tragedy hadn't struck so early in the band's career. Two founding members of the band died in a car accident along with their tour manager on September 8th, 1995. You can read more about the band here:

Every song on this profile is a cover version of a song that was originally recorded by 'For Squirrels'. We were aiming to release a cover version for each of the 20 songs from both the "Baypath Rd" and "Example" albums. Here are the ones that have been uploaded so far:

Friday, October 24th- Karen Kosowski - Left Behind
Friday, October 10th - Mixtapes and Meltdowns (a collaboration with Glenn Case) - 3
Monday, October 6th - Ken Mahru - Superstar
Friday, October 3rd - DJ Kaspy (vocals by Glenn Case) - R.O. (Red Robin)
Monday, September 29th - September 29th - Under Smithville
Friday, September 26th - Dicky Moore - Stark Pretty
Wednesday, September 24th - Ryan (of Trouble in the Wind) - The Immortal Dog and Pony Show
Monday, September 22nd - Jim Tyrrell - Nathaniel's Song
Friday, September 19th - Frankie Big Face - Kabaret
Wednesday, September 17th - Alex Gloworld (vocals by Glenn Case) - Unicycle
Monday, September 15th - Jarrod Gollihare (of Admiral Twin) - Orangeworker
Friday, September 12th - Temple Scene - Eskimo Sandune
Wednesday, September 10th - Delightful Young Man - Kill the Birds
Monday, September 8th - Glenn Case - Flagboy

Travis Tooke was the original guitarist of 'For Squirrels'. He knows about this project, and he has given his blessing. You can learn more about Travis at

If and when all 20 of the covers have been completed, there has been talk of going through steps to legitimately sell mp3s of the covers with all proceeds going towards a cancer research charity.
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