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Winston Salem, NC

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Charismatic rap artist, Tribulation(Trib) began his interest in music at an early age. Music was a big par of his upbringing. His father and uncles had their own gospel group back in the 80's and 90's. His mothers father was a well known church pianist who tragicly lost his left hand due to a wood chopping accident when he was six years old. Born Terrell Antrione Marible on the 22nd of May in Winston Salem,NC, a ten year old Trib and family packed up and moved to the big city life in the Hidden Valley neighborhood of Charlotte,NC. There he became familiar with the street life and met his brother from another mother and business partner Dred Scott.He founded a rap duo with a friend ( Gustapo) 1998) and one EP (The Gust 1999)Needless to say the duo was short lived.Now on his own musical journey he and his brother Dred Scott become self contained. That seed built Dopefactory Studios wich became Rellwenz Entertainment LLc. They also formed their own duo entitled Rellewenz and released their first EP( All Aboard!! in 2007 on itunes Now) and sold two thousand copies out the trunk of their cars. The two opened up for numerous major artist. Trib is the first solo act on the imprint. He performs regularly aound the state and says that its necessary to stay visible and working all the time.He does it all. He raps, sings, produces, writes and engineers for himself and others. Total Package coming 2011. Check for his two smash singles Get on tha Flo and I Like You on Itunes Now!!! Influences: Outkast, Dr Dre, Tupac, Biggie, Jay-z, Russell Simmons, Puffy, Nas, Michael Jackson, Prince, UGK, Scarface, TI, Wayne,
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