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Towyn, United Kingdom

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Remergence was started up in 1997 and early in 2002, Jake Jones joined Remergence as the production side of the group.
In 1999 the debut album "Nocturnal Entities" was released following by "Escape To Paradise" in 2001, in 2002 Jake joined Remergence and the third album "Futurism" was released after some experamental remixes and production from Jake.
During the early part of 2003 the fourth album "Wide Open Space" went into production with unused tracks from "Futurism" this album took a new route for Remergence with a fast dance and trance feel. It was released in October 2003.

On 30th May 2005 the fifth album "Standing in the Shadows" was released which featured the epic Continental Drift with a running time of just over 21 minutes and the amazing collaboration with Dave Meredith aka Mezzer on the track Terminal runner.

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