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Todd Kessler

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"Golden Bird gets rave review from the Chicago Independent Music Review!

"Todd Kessler - Golden Bird
With music you know you’ve got something good within 20 seconds of hearing it. Todd Kessler’s song, “Golden Bird” has a Led Zepplin like melody at the beginning – really a classic rock sound with a simple arrangement: handclaps/piano/acoustic guitar and beautiful vocals. Honestly probably the best combination of voices I’ve heard in two months, Todd and Erika Brett (of “Empty Pockets”), come together in a collaboration of ages and present us with a gift in the form of music. Golden Bird is really a wonderfully done song they have perfected the phrase less is more – all the accents are right where they should be, and the mix is exactly right for this type of song. The vocals lay perfectly next to one another. It’s folk music at its finest, tells a lovely story using a woven in metaphor, allusions to flying, jumping and being free – Todd Kessler uses clichés to remind the audience of what they already know – he doesn’t haphazardly throw them into the lyrics because it’s the first thing that came to his mind. You can tell this is a well thought out recording and a well thought out collaboration between two fantastic artists. What would otherwise be a very boring guitar strum comes across as comforting when accompanied by the simple piano chords and small tinkering throughout. Their sound is one that is very very similar to one of my favorite acoustic bands, “The Weepies” and here my only wish is for a little more low-end. Possibly an upright bass, but me thinks an electric bass would work nicely here as well.

If you like folk music and dig on the Coffee House station on Sirius XM radio, then Todd Kessler is your cup o’ joe. Come see him play Golden Bird March 11th at Schuba’s on Belmont and Southport for a relaxing night of lovely music." - http://jptros.wordpress.com/2009/03/05/todd-kessler-golden-bird/
posted 8 years ago
Todd Kessler LIVE @ Tonic Room in Chicago! Dec. 10th 845pm
posted 8 years ago
Todd Kessler has not let early recognition alter his course in pursuit of his passion. In 2005 Kessler found himself as a finalist in VH1's Song of the Year Contest. Only to be acknowledged a year later by the web based reality show, “Prom Queen” which featured his song “Conversations in Gray.”

Todd Kessler is a Singer/Songwriter whose passion for what he does comes out in every performance he gives. His lyrics are insightful commentary on ourselves as people and our self as a society. With influences such as Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, along with more contemporary influences like Ryan Adams, Ray LaMontagne, M. Ward, and David Gray, Todd's music is subtle in his arrangements yet powerful in his delivery.

Kessler has released two EP's in the past year, 2007's "The Veronika EP" and 2008's "Boomerang," in which he played a near capacity CD release show at the Double Door, one of Chicago's premier venues. Todd's debut album, "We Are The Musicmakers" was released in July of 2006 and is currently available on iTunes and CDbaby.com.. Based out of Chicago, Todd has toured throughout parts of the Midwest as well as shows in New York City, San Francisco, and the famed Kibitz Room at Canter'... (+) expand
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acottreau (level 15) wrote:
Fantastic arrangements and vocals...I'm moved.
7 years ago
mhartger (level 10) wrote:
get ready to have get the crap hearted out of you... ummm... yeah....
7 years ago
Cobalt & the Hired Guns wrote:
7 years ago
tighefighter (level 14) wrote:
Really awesome sound, replay!
7 years ago
sneakyme (level 21) wrote:
As I mentioned (one of your songs): Beautiful. Max hearts!
7 years ago
Stromer19 (level 31) wrote:
Beautiful. Thanks.
7 years ago
srboljub (level 18) wrote:
Really diggin your sound!
7 years ago
slccarpathea (level 14) wrote:
Very pretty Go to Sleep!
7 years ago
Kalei (level 38) wrote:
I'm loving both of your new tunes (Go To Sleep & Put You In MY Pocket). Don't know which one to listen to more...so both will have to do! :)
7 years ago
leilanijs1 (level 26) wrote:
I literally cannot stop listening to "Golden Bird". So lovely and harmonious; I love it.
7 years ago
ShinigamiKayo (level 38) wrote:
Golden Bird has suck me so into your world..love it
8 years ago
Yidfixy (level 26) wrote:
Bumping for mis-heard lyrics in Boomerang:

"He's gonna come back,
he's gonna come back
He's Bill Murray."
8 years ago
stone216 (level 13) wrote:
thanks for sharing your music on 61....i'll definitely be coming to the Mar 11 show in Chicago
8 years ago
mjmentz (level 16) wrote:
Nice man:)
8 years ago
eopt03 (level 13) wrote:
8 years ago
DilzyDalzy08 (level 6) wrote:
I absolutely Love your Music.. so glad I happened on you!!!!!
8 years ago
ROBLOBSTA (level 12) wrote:
max bumped tomorrow! great stuff mate
8 years ago
elishamcculloh (level 35) wrote:
I'm glad Golden Bird posted - it's my favorite. Congrats on leveling up. Will we get a new one soon?
8 years ago
mramz007 (level 27) wrote:
Love your music!!!!! Thank you!!!!
8 years ago
madcat8 (level 45) wrote:
Congrats on making the homepage, Todd!
8 years ago