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Nashville, TN

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Von Johin (it's pronounced Yo-Hen) was born in Second Life in July 2007, following a chance encounter with a tall elf while they were both foraging for taters and such at the local village shop that sells them things. Having come across the elf, Cypress Rosewood, before in his travels in life, ol' Von listened to the mystical man's tales of conjuring up magic for folks around the world without every leaving him's home outside of Nashville, TN.

Von thought he's like to conjure up some magic for folks around the world, too, and soon after built himself a place to do just that in the world of Second Life, and called it Johin's Blue Note Club. Seats about 40, modeled after the juke joints and drankin' parlors where Von had made him blues before in his lifetime, it opened in the summer of 2007, and not long after that, Von's Mrs, Harlee Johin, joined him up in that there Second Life place, learnt to tailor up all kinds of fancy clothes and sold'em in her store next door to the club.

Since then Von has attracted a loyal gathering of folks who loves the blues and how he tells'em, to'em each week. Ol' Von don't charge a fee to go to most shows, so just stop by and set a spell, and if them vibrations make ya feel like ya should help Von along with the groceries, ya'll can leave a little sumpin' in the tip jar. Catch Von Johin all around Second Life (visit for tour dates) and every Wednesday night at 8PM (Pacific/SL Time) at his Blues Note Club in the French Quarter. Ain't nothin' like'm nowhere else in Second Life.

Its wondahmus, for sho!
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