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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Von Johin

blues and folk     324 listeners


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You can learn more about Von Johin in the March 2008 issue of Electronic Musician Magazine in their feature story on music in Second Life.
posted 8 years ago
Von Johin (it's pronounced Yo-Hen) was born in Second Life in July 2007, following a chance encounter with a tall elf while they were both foraging for taters and such at the local village shop that sells them things. Having come across the elf, Cypress Rosewood, before in his travels in life, ol' Von listened to the mystical man's tales of conjuring up magic for folks around the world without every leaving him's home outside of Nashville, TN.

Von thought he's like to conjure up some magic for folks around the world, too, and soon after built himself a place to do just that in the world of Second Life, and called it Johin's Blue Note Club. Seats about 40, modeled after the juke joints and drankin' parlors where Von had made him blues before in his lifetime, it opened in the summer of 2007, and not long after that, Von's Mrs, Harlee Johin, joined him up in that there Second Life place, learnt to tailor up all kinds of fancy clothes and sold'em in her store next door to the club.

Since then Von has attracted a loyal gathering of folks who loves the blues and how he tells'em, to'em each week. Ol' Von don't charge a fee to go to most shows, so just stop by and set a spell, and if ... (+) expand
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slimsmithexperience (level 10) wrote:
So blue, so evil, so good - killer lyrics!!!!
7 years ago
myriambeck (level 41) wrote:
Bumping the Boss while shaking my pixels :)
7 years ago
spudkiss (level 1) wrote:
damn i want to attan a live show in second life anyone know when his next show is IM me sonnys luckless in SL
7 years ago
The Blues According To Mac wrote:
Fantastic Blues Sound really Brilliant !
7 years ago
BobbiJoJonson (level 26) wrote:
Second Life Music
at it's very best
are the two hours spent at Von Johin concerts

You won't be able to sit -- you need to me
in real life and second....
shake those pixels.... Let's GO !!
7 years ago
jdizzle777 (level 9) wrote:
Terrific stuff
7 years ago
catopemba (level 15) wrote:
awesome blues!
7 years ago
GeoMeek (level 2) wrote:
No cross posting kinda sucks sham on sixtyone sham sham sham :-(
8 years ago
iggy62 (level 1) wrote:
Von, still a bit of a newb here, but have heard you countless times. Yay! I come for the music, and so far, the best I've found on sl. As a deadhead, I would ask for ya to continue to play the blues songs the Dead did, mainly the Pigpen ones of course! And once again YAY!

iggy Kamala
8 years ago
HomelessMartian (level 12) wrote:
Hi Von

Awesome songs and damn what a voice !!!
8 years ago
suteruni (level 38) wrote:
yay, Von is the man!!!
8 years ago
GUMBO (level 13) wrote:
jees...bloody nice !!!!!!....
8 years ago
GeoMeek (level 2) wrote:
The nice thing about being good as you are people know right away.
Im looking forward to seeing you work and posting more video,
8 years ago
sf49rox (level 41) wrote:
Big Railroads Blues posted! Just letting you know.
8 years ago
mblarson323 (level 1) wrote:
Saw Von at an SL live concert (if you don't know what that is, do yourself a favor and check out Second Life) and now I'm a regular fan! Does all the old fingerpicked blues (mississippi delta, piedmont, et. al.) true to form. His style and vocals are all reminiscent of the old blues master's, without all the hisses, pops and other audio failings of the early equipment used to record them. He and Roy Bookbinder would have a ball playing together!
8 years ago
subatomicdog (level 12) wrote:
Good Stuff - love listening to you in SL and as work.
8 years ago
katewelsh (level 5) wrote:
Being able to listen to your music anytime just brings me right back to the old French Quarter no matter where I am at the time. [insert long string of superlatives here]
8 years ago
pablotee (level 36) wrote:
woot woot !
8 years ago
Mack1200 (level 14) wrote:
You play some mean blues Von
Keep up the great work my man
8 years ago
Bags (level 24) wrote:
Your tunes are like a deep breath for the soul. Thanks for sharing. You made my day.
8 years ago