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To our faithful listeners,

We've decided to formally shutdown thesixtyone.com -- our servers will go offline at midnight, May 1st 2017.

Artist tipping and music purchases will be functional until then, so please spend any remaining credits by month's end. 
A final payment will be made to artists following the shutdown.

thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
right direction.


Thank you for being a part of it.


James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

We Were Pirates

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NPR’s Morning Edition recently put out a call for musicians to re-imagine their theme music, and I finally had a chance to throw something together. Kate Rears Burgman came through with the cello and I played/recorded the rest of the instruments in my home studio.

I’m a fan of the show myself, so it was fun to get to take a crack at a song I hear in the background most days. Hope you dig it. You can listen on Soundcloud here.
posted 10 months ago
Charlottesville! We are very happy to be coming back to play a FREE acoustic show with our buddy, Michael Coleman. We were fortunate to get to share the stage with him a couple years ago, and we had a blast. Looking forward to another great night at The Garage.

Thursday, June 25, 2016.


FREE / 8pm

The Garage
100 W. Jefferson St.
Charlottesville, VA 22902
posted 10 months ago
There’s a new WWP album coming out in March! It took a minute to write and record and mix. But that’s all done now and soon it will be an actual thing that you can have and listen to & accessorize.

I’m really proud of the new tracks and hope/think you’ll like ‘em too. And we’ve gotten the crew back together to learn the songs and hang out and drink beer and enjoy each others’ company. Look for a DC release show announcement soon.

Also, a bit ago I got out of town and went down to Nashville to make a video with my good, good friend, Daniel Shepherd and his esteemed colleague, Joey Ciccoline. Well, I guess technically they made the video. I mostly just played some instruments and sang a song while they captured all of the good times and memories in some small digital boxes with lenses attached.

Keep an ear to the ground for updates and I’ll make sure to keep you posted on all of the newness and freshness to come.
posted 1 year ago

Hi friends,

Some people have asked me what I’ve been listening to lately, so I made a Spotify mix with a few songs from 2014 that I dug/dig/dog.

I really hope it was a solid year for you. It had its moments for me, but all things considered, I won’t be sad to see it go. I have higher hopes for 2015. For both of us. You and me. For one, I’ve been recording….a lot. Some songs I’m really excited about. I’ll keep you posted…

Beyond that, there are just things to look forward to. People are paying attention to what’s happening in the world and demanding more justice and more freedom. Whatever your politics, that’s exciting. This past year, some friends of mine were able to get married to each other. And they wouldn’t have been able to, just a couple years ago. Fewer people will be locked up for seeking pain relief from a plant that nobody has ever overdosed on. And it seems we pretty much all agree that justice system reforms are needed….so we might actually get them soon. That is amazing. Oh, and it’s possible that because people got involved in democracy, we might get to keep having an open internet.

See? Cool shit will continue to happen this year. Mark my words….But also, lame shit. There will be both cool shit and lame shit. For all of us. So, I vote that we all try to stay positive and be kind to each other, if at all possible. Cool? Cool.



ps – Oh, and congrats to Pat and his wife, Ali! They had a son a few days ago. See? Even more cool shit.

pps – I’m on instagram more than anything else these days. So come find me if you’re into that kind of thing. Which you are, but you also aren’t.

posted 2 years ago
wwpmusic: who would win in a fight? Karen O or Emily Haines?
posted 7 years ago
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We Were Pirates on Youtube

We Were Pirates is the musical brainchild of Mike Boggs, a multi-instrumentalist who writes and records songs in his home studio in the DC area. Boggs has released three albums, an EP, and a film score for ‘Dear Mr. Watterson.’

Boggs’ 2009 debut LP, Cutting Ties, features a version of ‘The Three of Us,’ a cover song that Boggs recorded which was featured on the public radio show, This American Life. As a result, Chicago Tribune rock critic and co-host of Sound Opinions, Greg Kot, heard We Were Pirates’ version of the song and described it thusly: ‘Pure pop. This should be the next Fountains of Wayne single; genius.’ That year, We Were Pirates reached #41 on the CMJ Top 200.

Wired magazine featured We Were Pirates in their March 2012 issue following the release of the second album, Change. The feature said, “You heard this band’s public radio-friendly pop on This American Life and you heard it...

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Binarby (level 29) wrote:
seriously, I have been eartripping on you since I heard you. The music is a great experience, so broad is the expression, yet all seemingly unfolding from the same place, or source...just magnificent. I am still a pirate.
7 months ago
Binarby (level 29) wrote:
How could I have gone this long in life and never heard your music...oh the magic of t61, YO!
7 months ago
clover (level 46) wrote:
Cheers, love the groove in "I Don't Know". Thanks.
1 year ago
terpgirl (level 24) wrote:
Thanks for posting new stuff! This is awesome.
1 year ago
DaneM (level 21) wrote:
Great guitar licks. I can tell you're putting some serious thought into the resonance of the chords. The Beatles were masters of that...
1 year ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
Hello, I am really enjoying the music you have uploaded. Very nice.
1 year ago
gretchen (level 35) wrote:
sooo greatt to havee You and Your music Back!!
heartss & loves

♬ ♩ ♭ ♪ ♥
1 year ago
fuzzyorangebug (level 37) wrote:
Oh man, is it ever great to hear your work again. Welcome back.
1 year ago
marcares (level 32) wrote:
Hey Captain, coming back to t61 island ?
1 year ago
Michigan Fresh wrote:
I like this style~ great voice! Keep it up~michigan fresh
7 years ago
bcerdmann (level 26) wrote:
I quite ♥ you.
7 years ago
woodjean (level 31) wrote:
Restless great song.
7 years ago
We Were Pirates wrote:
indeed; and self-cleaning.
7 years ago
elainehudson (level 45) wrote:
Cats are always right.
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
I agree with the other cat under me
7 years ago
ChasConnolly (level 36) wrote:
Nice one!! Thanks.
7 years ago
Vieem wrote:
sounds like surfer kind of music...cool
7 years ago
DJTektonic (level 10) wrote:
I have an excellent music collaborative idea for you, I guarantee something with hit potential, big hit potential, like MTv-ish stuff. Hit me back if you are interested... Great sound by the way!!!
7 years ago
nitrolinken (level 32) wrote:
Merry Christmas to you and everyone else reading this! :)

Good luck with the present hunting for those doing that. :D
7 years ago
andyschema (level 10) wrote:
lovely little christmas number! 'cracker'!
7 years ago