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Los Angeles, CA

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Computer nerd who paid a shitload of monies to study computer science. Grew up listening to westcoast gangster rap.

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A Day in the Life
Dedicated 2 the Net (ft Projekt Zero and Bob the Cat)
Don't You Know You'll Get PWND (ft Phunetik)
eHonda (ft Whoremoans and Epic-1)
Geeksta Flow (ft Phunetik and TyT)
Internet Drahma (ft MC_Loki)
Online Girls (ft The Ranger, Random and TyT)
Pimp in a World of Zombie Hoze (ft mCRT, Desmond Fox and MC_Loki)
The Next Upgrade (ft Reverend Badger)
These Gangsta Beats (ft D Form and Drunk C)
Westside Eternia (ft MC Skeletor, MC Gigahertz and IllGill)
World of Whorecraft (ft Teh_Rhymerer and Projekt Zero)

*All track produced by DON VITO
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