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Crazy covered by Violent Femmes
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SilentK (level 27) wrote:
great bio, but you've been gone far too long
10 months ago
Loren Radis wrote:
hey there, sorry for the unsolicited comment... but you've been bumping some of my songs lately and i thought you might like to know that my band's debut album, "Welcome Home" is available for super cheap on amiestreet.com

check it out at amiestreet.com/artist/each-passing-day

sorry again, and thanks a lot for the support! i hope you like our new album :)

8 years ago
Kourosh Dini wrote:
I've uploaded a new downloadable version of Dragon. Check it out and let me know what you think :-)

- Kourosh
8 years ago
morrisvig (level 22) wrote:
w00t! Level 10!
8 years ago
NANCE Brody wrote:
Hey ya morrisvig :) great to hear from you again, grinnning about Marshamellow..lol Thanks for the bumbs and the listens hun

8 years ago
cArBoNeMiSsIoNs wrote:
Cheers Pal.Glad you liked my tune and please do check out some others at Voodoo Lounge as well as cArBoNeMiSsIoNs and Is Data Tree.I would include links but I'm crap at html.
All the best, Orb
8 years ago
dolmerelistens (level 17) wrote:
Welcome to thesixtyone Morris :)
8 years ago
BradReason (level 26) wrote:
YEAH! DUDE!! I guess ya like my tunes! lol!
9 years ago
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