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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Bon Iver

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Hey Everybody!

It's been a while and a great deal has been happening!

We've been getting lots of emails in regards to how/where to get the album! Well, here's the latest:

For Emma, Forever Ago is set to be released nation-wide on Jagjaguwar Records on February 19th, 2008.
posted 8 years ago
It wasn't planned. The goal was to hibernate.

Justin Vernon moved to a remote cabin in the woods of Northwestern Wisconsin at the onset of winter. Tailing from the swirling breakup of his long time band, he escaped to the property and surround himself with simple work, quiet and space. He lived there alone for three months, filling his days with wood splitting and other chores around the land. This special time slowly began feeding a bold, uninhibited new musical focus.

The days slowly evolved into days filled with twelve-hour recording blocks, breaking only for trips on the tractor into the pines to saw and haul firewood, or for frozen sunrises high up a deer stand. All of his personal trouble, lack of perspective, heartache, longing, love, loss and guilt that had been stock piled over the course of the past six years, was suddenly purged into the form of song. The end result is, For Emma, Forever Ago, a nine-song album comprised of what's been dubbed by those most familiar with his music: Vernon's best work to date.

Bon Iver (pronounced: bohn eevair; French for "good winter" and spelled wrong on purpose) is a greeting, a celebration and a sentiment. It is a new statem... (+) expand
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Suzen (level 15) wrote:
And in Wisconsin?
Home State for me, including the remote cabin in the woods.
1 year ago
Suzen (level 15) wrote:
I know you're kind of a BIG DEAL and probably too busy to 're visit' but we'd love to hear if you have anything new you'd like to share on this site!
listening to For Emma..you say you wrote it after some time in a remote cabin, eh?

I had a wild deer that followed me around my yard.
Stared at my window for hours until I came out to offer some strawberries or apples..
For some reason she liked our yard and often slept in the flower beds in the shade during the summer....
I named her EMMA
1 year ago
nothingspecific (level 9) wrote:
Holy Jesus I can't believe Bon Iver is on here
I LOVE this music
7 years ago
xDreamsNeverLastx (level 11) wrote:
Thank you for bringing such beautiful music to the world.
7 years ago
just1six (level 7) wrote:

Check out the "Skinny Love" video. Great vid!!!
7 years ago
just1six (level 7) wrote:
I'm a long time fan, but I just saw Leaving Barstow and this song was during the love scene and it was absolutely amazing. I LOVE your music. Kepp it up.
7 years ago
bthiz (level 2) wrote:
your music leaves me vibrating and warm.
7 years ago
loopsy (level 20) wrote:
All great songs! Need Blood Bank so I can give you more Hearts!
7 years ago
guada14 (level 5) wrote:
where's creature fear? it's my favourite!
7 years ago
cheeseborgair (level 7) wrote:
gorgeous. the perfect encapsulation of a bitter midwestern winter.
7 years ago
LadybugLover34 (level 7) wrote:
Beautiful! I agree, Blood Bank would be a welcome addition.

Happy Holidays from a fellow Wisconsinite.
7 years ago
matthewjnerger3 (level 8) wrote:
How I wish I could make such music..
7 years ago
jlauferc (level 16) wrote:
Love you, get Blood Bank up!
7 years ago
music by : macminn wrote:
Bon Iver, so much with so little, so great!
7 years ago
javeing (level 12) wrote:
Love it
7 years ago
harygopper (level 8) wrote:
yeh...i instantly connected with this emotional music... beautiful
7 years ago
mayjiller (level 12) wrote:
love it.
7 years ago
JeremyLoe (level 15) wrote:
love your music and love skinny love. Glad that it played on Chuck, it was perfect! I told all my friends, I was like I know this song!!!!
7 years ago
radrob12 (level 1) wrote:
just to let you know, your music is awesome
7 years ago
LindsayTaylor (level 9) wrote:
Have known about Bon Iver long before he began getting the attention he deserves! LOVE LOVE LOVE period.
7 years ago