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Ms. Verna Intro:

my man fuck with A life
Game Boy's - fresh E. Prince
I fux wit high class girls
In my back seat quick
Never said I was per er fect
But I said I'm wor ur th it
Ner er ves
When I spit
Don't be girl
Just roll that shit
Hold that shit
Smoke that shit
No No he didn't
Yes I did
O open it
With this h o o opus
Flow is sick
And u kno o this
Click click download
Click click download

300 black turtle necks
like Steve Jobs

She see me daily
Carson daily
Steve Jobs
Sarah Palin
no watch
your brains
my cock
with fame won't stop
til I claim the top
Split that shit
Grip that shit
spliff that shit
so I lit that shit
money girls
get that shit
stress hoes nix that shit
no he didn't
yes I did
no he isn't
yes I is
Life's worth living
yes I live
Timeless written
I'm yo NIG.
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