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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

The Mountain Goats

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The Mountain Goats is the musical project of singer-songwriter and guitarist John Darnielle. Darnielle’s lyrics are literate and filled with imagery that reference classic literature, religion and mythologies, pop culture, art and history. Others are vague references to his stepfather, and with the 2005 album The Sunset Tree Darnielle finally offers a more intimate account of his experience as an abused child.

Darnielle began performing under the name The Mountain Goats in 1991 in Claremont, California, where he attended Pitzer College and worked as a psychiatric nurse. The band’s name, The Mountain Goats, is a reference to the Screamin’ Jay Hawkins song Yellow Coat. Darnielle released his first album, Taboo VI: The Homecoming, on Shrimper Records. Many of his first recordings and performances featured Darnielle accompanied by members of the all-girl reggae band, The Casual Girls, who became known as The Bright Mountain Choir. One of this group’s members, Rachel Ware, continued to accompany Darnielle on bass, both live and in studio, until 1995.

Highly prolific, since the early 90s Darnielle has released over a dozen Mountain Goats albums, 6 full-length ca... (+) expand
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ringothedingo (level 27) wrote:
It doesn't matter how many times I hear your albums, I'm always amazed and excited by the strength of the narratives and the honesty in every delivery. Makes one restless, but in a really wonderful way.

That being said, I wish you would post "No Children", because that's what sold me when I was 16, and it's what I've used to convert potential listeners repeatedly ever since.
7 years ago
likeabelt (level 4) wrote:
definitely need some more of his earlier stuff. west texas and the coroner's gambit were amazing pieces of work.
7 years ago
loopsy (level 20) wrote:
Snow Song was the first song I heard by them. Wish it was here too so I could Max Heart that too.
7 years ago
reallybigc (level 14) wrote:
I'm going to be there at Antone's on Wednesday. So excited, you guys.
7 years ago
stiffy666 (level 11) wrote:
I saw you guys in the Colbert Report!

Cool tunes...
7 years ago
lux (level 11) wrote:
So glad you guys are on here! Been a favourite since I first saw you in Winnipeg at the Pyramid about 8 years ago.
7 years ago
lovins311 (level 24) wrote:
If the Goats' entire catalogue were represted on t61, I'd have every song max-hearted. I haven't been able to stop listening for about 6 years now. Fantastic stuff.
7 years ago
sitcommunist (level 34) wrote:
Hey John,
Remember when you signed my passport in Durham... circa 2004 that was great.
You played by yourself that night, the foot-stomping and whole nine yards...
To agree with Alicson "Mountain Goats are the awesome"
I still listen to Ghana on a regular basis.
7 years ago
paulagroff (level 23) wrote:
Wooow! Talahassee is the greatest album ever. :D
7 years ago
chillers (level 24) wrote:
This band is the truth, not to mention an excellent live show, There is a lot to be gained here, espcially among fans of brilliant lyrics, of which, hopefully, there are many.
7 years ago
DollyShot (level 30) wrote:
Moar plz. :)
7 years ago
Modecai wrote:
Your music is amazing. I love it.
7 years ago
yucatangold (level 1) wrote:
john darnielle is love
8 years ago
alicson (level 39) wrote:
9:30 Club tonight! YAY!!!!
8 years ago
alicson (level 39) wrote:
Mountain Goats are the awesome.
8 years ago
bixby22 (level 27) wrote:
Wikkid awesome! I love the lyrics in 'Lovecraft in Brooklyn'
8 years ago
pgannrpgfan (level 20) wrote:
saw you guys at NCSSM. Good times, guys.
8 years ago
PurpleDingo (level 28) wrote:
Where the hell are Cotton and Mole? Or really just more songs in general.

You definitely got it, so flaunt it.
8 years ago
unknownlistener (level 30) wrote:
Huge fan. Keep up the great work.
9 years ago