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Just found out that we've had nine songs from 'more pleasant grey' hit the homepage. Very cool - thank you!

'More Pleasant Grey' now available for download here or at:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Under/8319694093

Twitter: @takingmeunder

Review of 'more pleasant grey':

'This amazing album, "More Pleasant Grey" shows us the many sides of Under with the rework of "Keep on Moving" that has a new softer edge with a drum n bass surprise, the haunting and deep sounds of "Berkeley" and some of the tracks you feel in love with from the EP along with some new gems.

But to kick it all off is the beautiful, fun and intoxicating track, "Gravity" which if you were already a fan of Under says welcome back and get ready for an amazing journey... For those who were not a fan yet you will be after hearing this one.' - (Julian Lennon's pick of the week on 'Below Zero')
posted 7 years ago
Under have been featured on ABC's 'Ugly Betty' and the CBS/ Sci-Fi show 'Moonlight'. Their music has been described as 'pop noir' - vague, often melancholic lyrics, agreeably catchy melodies, warm sounds with a hint of something darker hidden in Jen Triano's distinctive, almost innocent vocal delivery. They comprise singer Jen Triano and keyboard player Eamonn Flynn. They are based in San Francisco although Eamonn is originally from Dublin, Ireland.

Their just released debut full length release 'more pleasant grey' features contributions from Canadian electronic artist Milosh and former Kronos Quartet cellist Joan Jeanrenaud and many more. Behind it all though is a meeting of minds between two people whose tastes seem to effortlessly overlap.

'The San Francisco group and lead singer Jen Triano and her nothing-short-of-intoxicating voice, creates a bloody brilliant primal slow-burner that I loved simply because it could be the perfect way to help alleviate and unwind a crowd after a long day's journey into the night and segueing into the wee hours of the morning. Love it, love it!' Mike Stier, for About.com

'Organic opium' - Properly Chilled
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Under - 68
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stevenM (level 14) wrote:
I like Mikas post about mixing !

I'm making up a small video and wondering if i can use far away for a slow motion sequence in it ?

Its a personal project , will be available on youtube and perhaps couple other sites, its not comercial - just a side project to allow me to explore ideas.
1 year ago
Under wrote:
Thanks for the support, love and questions! We're currently writing new tracks - hopefully we'll get something new out in the not too distant future! We're kinda perfectionists so we can't promise anything but we'll try make it as quick as we can!!!
7 years ago
bene (level 23) wrote:
Is there a new ep/full length coming out this year? (nudge nudge, hint hint).
7 years ago
Mindless Echoes wrote:
I simply loved, no, adored! your music, style, soft and layback approach. Beautiful songs, great material and production. Happy new year,

- Omri, Mindless Echoes
7 years ago
saltyshadow (level 10) wrote:
7 years ago
hologramdog (level 27) wrote:
Never thought I would heart someone on major network tv; the connection to kronos quartet makes sense. thanks for sharing all your fantastic work here! cheers....
7 years ago
CounterKultureProductions wrote:
good stuff
7 years ago
chiprooplisten (level 11) wrote:
I think I already told ya this, but I bought and dig your CD. I've only bought 2 cd's of people I heard on here. Oh yeah - you released your cd on my birthday. That must be the connection. -chip / chiproop.com
7 years ago
Under wrote:
Hey - we really wanted to say thanks for all the nice words and just for liking the music we do. We're doing shows and writing for our next album and there is also an interesting remix/ collab in the works ... we'll definitely let our T61 friends be the first to know!
7 years ago
kweinberg (level 35) wrote:
Your music is wonderful... The vocals are gorgeous. The music just puts me in a perfect place...

I have been listening all afternoon, and I am truly captivated. Anything new coming???
7 years ago
pincenez23 (level 23) wrote:
Very wonderful. You guys have a very sublime sound. I haven't heard a song yet that I dislike and Under is spectacular.
7 years ago
chiprooplisten (level 11) wrote:
I'll be buying your CD this week. Wonderful music - I haven't heard a tune from 'more pleasant grey' that I dislike. Very impressive! - chip
7 years ago
eemitch (level 4) wrote:
"More Pleasant Grey" has gotta be one of the best finds in the last year for me. Thank you Jen and Eamonn. Your work has truly made my crazy life a little more enjoyable.
7 years ago
sabrinachampagne (level 22) wrote:
One of my favorite songs....EVER! <3
7 years ago
Sinukus wrote:
Love it guys!
7 years ago
belowzero (level 3) wrote:
what can I say, Below Zero loves these two!
7 years ago
pbiswas (level 17) wrote:
Gravity is an amazing track!!!
7 years ago
Listener82 (level 20) wrote:
Very nice relaxing tunes.

7 years ago
slevin7 (level 10) wrote:
i really enjoyed when i was listening gravity..
7 years ago
Juliian (level 1) wrote:
Hii !!
Under is just awesome :)
I like original mix and Morgan Page Remix too :D
I hear your new music soon, don't stop it's very good
7 years ago