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San Francisco, CA

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Under have been featured on ABC's 'Ugly Betty' and the CBS/ Sci-Fi show 'Moonlight'. Their music has been described as 'pop noir' - vague, often melancholic lyrics, agreeably catchy melodies, warm sounds with a hint of something darker hidden in Jen Triano's distinctive, almost innocent vocal delivery. They comprise singer Jen Triano and keyboard player Eamonn Flynn. They are based in San Francisco although Eamonn is originally from Dublin, Ireland.

Their just released debut full length release 'more pleasant grey' features contributions from Canadian electronic artist Milosh and former Kronos Quartet cellist Joan Jeanrenaud and many more. Behind it all though is a meeting of minds between two people whose tastes seem to effortlessly overlap.

'The San Francisco group and lead singer Jen Triano and her nothing-short-of-intoxicating voice, creates a bloody brilliant primal slow-burner that I loved simply because it could be the perfect way to help alleviate and unwind a crowd after a long day's journey into the night and segueing into the wee hours of the morning. Love it, love it!' Mike Stier, for

'Organic opium' - Properly Chilled
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