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To our faithful listeners,

We've decided to formally shutdown thesixtyone.com -- our servers will go offline at midnight, May 1st 2017.

Artist tipping and music purchases will be functional until then, so please spend any remaining credits by month's end. 
A final payment will be made to artists following the shutdown.

thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
right direction.


Thank you for being a part of it.


James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

The Rescues

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therescues: The Rescues will be performing at Indiafest 2011 in Goa, India on February 4th! http://tumblr.com/xrw1at4csi
posted 6 years ago
therescues: RobGiles: The Blues is the elegant coping w/ catastrophe that yields a grace & dignity so that the spirit of re... http://is.gd/tDRxDR
posted 6 years ago
therescues: RobGiles: Dreams change, and that doesn't mean we have failed. Of course, we may have failed, also... but who hasn't?! http://is.gd/xJxxaH
posted 6 years ago
We just added new music and updated the old songs to the new versions from our album Let Loose The Horses, which comes out on iTunes June 22nd and in physical copies July 6th!
posted 6 years ago
We've added new videos to our YouTube site. Check it out www.youtube.com/rescuesmusic
posted 6 years ago
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The most compelling artists have always been able to find their singular truth and channel it for the world to savor. But The Rescues — whose music recalls the soaring emotions of Coldplay, the earthiness of Fleetwood Mac, the introspection of Death Cab for Cutie — set themselves apart by combining each of their intrepid perspectives into one harmonious voice.

The Los Angeles-based foursome, who released their full-length debut, Let Loose the Horses, in June through Universal Republic, have made a name for themselves as a powerful live act thanks to their flawless, transcendent harmonies. They’ve likewise earned a rep for being TV’s go-to soundtrackers with an uncanny ability to underscore drama on shows like One Tree Hill, Private Practice, and Grey’s Anatomy, the latter boasting a staggering five Rescues songs, among them the rousing anthem “Break Me Out.”

As individuals, the band members are moving performers, and together they are, beguilingly, more powerful than the sum of their parts. “We all have very distinct, lead-singer voices,” notes vocalist/musician Kyler England. “But when we sing together it’s like there’s a fifth person in the blend that comes together.”

Engla... (+) expand
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fuzzyorangebug (level 37) wrote:
Rescue me. (with more of your music)
10 months ago
DaneM (level 22) wrote:
Wow, you guys and gals are awesome! Love the musicality and whoever writes the songs has a great ear for melodies. Any chance you are coming to Chicago any time soon? ;-)
11 months ago
SunSparc (level 28) wrote:
@The Rescues, I know. I own much of your music already. But if I buy it elsewhere, I do not get the fun perqs that come from supporting thesixtyone :D

Thank you for the response! I am happy that you are still here.
1 year ago
chiefhigh (level 45) wrote:
I don't want to start any rumors but I heard a 'Rescues Reunion Tour' might be in the works. Just sayin....
1 year ago
yardbird (level 42) wrote:
Thanks for posting "Arrow"! Your blend of voices and dynamics are great to hear coming from the61 again.
In case you're wondering whether giving away your music has any effect, I bought the "Let Loose the Horses" CD after first hearing you here, and my daughter downloaded it and "Blah Blah" (legally!) and and has seen you in concert.
1 year ago
brynplusplus (level 23) wrote:
Welcome back!
1 year ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
Welcome back! So wonderful to hear your beautiful music here again :-)
1 year ago
rafaelbrandao (level 33) wrote:
Welcome back folks! Missed the awesomeness of your music :-)
1 year ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
Welcome back!!!!
1 year ago
The Rescues wrote:
@SunSparc - All our music is available at every major digital retailer.
1 year ago
SunSparc (level 28) wrote:
Will you make your music downloadable?
1 year ago
reaxion (level 23) wrote:
Woo... such a good voice! Hints of Shania Twain in there too!
1 year ago
pianolove (level 32) wrote:
Any new songs?
1 year ago
loolaloo531 (level 9) wrote:
I too miss 'Break Me Out' and am confused as to why 'Follow Me Back' got all my hearts for it, especially when I don't like 'Follow Me Back' nearly as much.
7 years ago
jer56wi (level 23) wrote:
I like the new stuff and everyone certainly appreciates not losing the hearts, but part of the fun is watching new stuff rise up the charts, especially for those who jumped in early. I'm hoping that you've got some additional killer stuff that you'll release fresh.
7 years ago
fuzzyorangebug (level 37) wrote:
You guys did good. Thanks for thinking of us in the ways that you have. The confusion was worth it.
7 years ago
davyhamburgers (level 28) wrote:
hmm sounds like yer record company are pretty much numnutzes but that was real solid of you to think of yer fans here and the way this place works
7 years ago
clover (level 46) wrote:
Grrrrr, itunes it is , then!
7 years ago
etamashiro (level 37) wrote:
Now I guess we'll have to "revive" these new songs to get them to post huh?
7 years ago
etamashiro (level 37) wrote:
Wowie. I'm glad I decided to check in on you guys or else who knows how long it might have been before I realized that my songs got changed... and before I got to listen to your new stuff. :)
7 years ago